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Crystals, Candles & Cauldrons
927B, West 36th Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21211
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Directions by Lightrail

Get off at the Woodberry stop. Take the Shuttlebug for a five-minute ride to The Avenue. Hampden Hall is on southeast corner of Roland Avenue & 36th Street.

New Items

Bloodstone is a wonderful grounding stone. Helps balance the lower chakras. Helps with the lungs, heart, and kidneys. Helps with misunderstandings and helps if you are exhausted.

Peach Adventurine has all the properties of regular Adventurine. It also helps with the sacral chakra, helps with shyness, and balances the emotions.

Size ranges from .5" to 1"

Blue Adventurine helps with communication, the throat chakra and the third eye chakra. It can help with addictions, and help figure the root of the issue causing the addiction.